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July | Bullet Journal

It’s mid July, I get that and I need to be on time whenever I post things. My god what is wrong with me lately so okay! lets do this!

NOOOPE WAIT! I should have post this on 16th of July but I got sick, like super sick and I don’t like being sick. But hey yes, hope that you guys like it. I mean the Bullet Journal not me being sick, okay.


Counting days before new semester! 3rd year hooman!


Calendar and expenses, yes as you can see I don’t really use the calendar as much. But I do need the expenses tracker, you know – to -track-stuff. I tend to spend lots of money which I am not sure where does it goes. (food of course not me, my cats)


and of course habit and sleep tracker, also mood. Trying to keep remind myself. Don’t be fooled by all of those hours of sleep. I sleep in the morning and wake up at noon. I know NOT GOOD! Despite its 8 hours or so. As for the habit tracker – I tried, I tried.

IMG_1770One of my favourite part in the journal is few lines a day. Basically the highlights of the day. I forgot stuff, so I need to write down good old stuff that makes me happy on that day. ‘ppreciate it!IMG_1769

Here is simply a place where I would write blog ideas that I want to post soon, or never but its there and Brain dump!


Other than that, here’s the first and second week of July. I really like this month’s theme. Blue-ish, Green-ish, Navy-blue-ish? Yeah!



16 thoughts on “July | Bullet Journal

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  2. This is so lovely. Loving your bullet journal design. It is so aesthetically pleasing to my eyes 😀


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