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Road Trip

Well sort of, wasn’t planning on this at all but it was cool! Lets start!

So, my boyfriend and I went for a road trip, actually I wasn’t sure where are we going. But he did told me that it has been a while for him not to drive around the area, highlight of the day is “Tasek Merimbun”. My mom went there once when she was in sixth form, that was way too long ago. I have never been there until today.

It was a long ride, almost took us an hour or so. While he’s driving and I’m taking videos of the scenery. I think I asked way too many questions at him since I don’t know anything about Tutong.

After we arrived, there were four dogs, CUTE ones. They sort of guard the bridge or most probably the neighbourhood.


I was amazed. You know that moment when your brain could not take information enough! I know it sounds crazy but this place is so damn amazing, not to the part where we can’t walk trough the bridge because it’s broken. (broken? is that the right word) I was excited and sad and also afraid if this bridge. I really want to go to the other side of the island. But the water is so dark, you know it’s deep. It’s calling me in a bad way. I don’t like looking at it at all. Trying to distract myself by taking videos and photos of the green trees and everything green. Too many green, way too many green. It’s good! for a person who’s living in a sort of city kind of environment, I am still Wow-ed by the All Go Green View. It’s Ah-May-Zing!


We don’t spend as much time, since we can’t cross the bridge. Went for early dinner instead. ANNOUNCEMENT! I’m a Nasi Ayam kind of girl, my favourite was Dean Restaurant but I don’t know what is wrong it does not taste as good as it used to. Tutong’s Nasi Ayam is my new favourite!


I do not like that fish. What fish? check out my video to see the journey!


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