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June Favourite

My boyfriend! It’s his month so my favorite person will be my boyfriend of course! Always! hahaha okay, lets focus!

IMG_0616Eva’s book, The Struggle is Real. Which I did not read. I tried to give a chance to Audiobooks. It feels like she’s talking to me, well sort of. But I do enjoy listening to it while doing my work.


Camera Canon G7X Mark II, in my 2016 wishlist and I finally got it! Firstly, I would like to thank my boyfriend for the support! I am really happy that I finally got it! Took me a month or so. In which I have been taking pictures with it, and also videos.





Bullet Journal, one of my the things that I am looking forward to every month! You know to get excited about the new theme, be creative, involved in more artsy stuff, and also loving how I spend more time (and money) on it. Another way how it reminds me how I really do love drawing and coloring as a kid.


Lipsticks from Velvet Vanity. So not into Nude and Pink color, but this one – THIS ONE is THE ONE! It suits me well, really well and I’m loving it! Plus it’s affordable!


Mildliner Green, I did mention about Bullet Journal, and I have to!! This color is my favorite for Journaling, used it a lot for the month of July.


IMG_2064Japanese snacks. Its sooooooo good and might buy some more in the future. It’s kind of expensive for candies.


For this month’s favorite music:

BlackPink – As if It’s your Last 마지막처럼


Zayn – Still Got Time – Team Salut Remix

The month where I am back with K-Pop! I tried to listen to BlackPink, which I can’t move on to the fact that 2NE1 is no longer producing any music and such. 2NE1 was the first girl group that I’m obsessed with, to the level of trying out their choreography! It was fun, that included BigBang, please not bigbang theory but BIGBANG with GD okay? Got it?

Also, not into 1D at all, because I was belieber, yknow Justin that internet war era! It was crazy. But with Zayn’s new single it was gooood! I was listening to it for . . not sure how many time but a lot.

So what’s your favorite? Drop your comment below!


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