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Quick Update!

Okay, it’s been a month! or almost a month. God, I miss blogging.

Do any of you still remember me? HAHA hope so! So, hi guys it’s been a while!

I really really want to post something, but every time – every god damn time I tried to blog it’s either I’m busy with Incubation or my WiFi does not help me out at all. It’s Sunday here in Brunei Darussalam, I am feeling a bit sick (hopefully I am not sick, because I have to go back to work by Monday), thank god WiFi is sort of “fine” so here goes!

FallingForSnow Updates!

  1. I am currently in my third year at the University of Brunei Darussalam, the Third year means Discovery year. Discovery Year programme means you have exactly one year to explore outside the University. Either go for SAP, Incubation, Internship or COP.
  2. So I choose Incubation because I have been wondering how cool it is to have your own business. On that moment. I was wrong. Just kidding! For the past 4 weeks, I had to face intense training, like god damn help ME! Nah, it was okay it was tiring that’s all, from 0830 am to 0430 pm all day every day. Sometimes we do have an off day on Saturday, only if we do earn it.
  3. Vlogging, I am into vlogging lately. I mean it’s fun to take videos of where I go, what I eat and of course my boyfriend, sometimes my cats or family members. Do enjoy editing and searching the right song for the right video and then upload it on Instagram or Youtube. 
  4. Taking Pictures is also another thing, I am still learning how to use the camera in manual-form-ish but not ISO setting, usually would set that to auto.
  5. Having three new kids! Here’s Coffee, Aldo, and Meong. Puga’s kids.
  6. Went to Temburong last Sunday, it was fun! Fun as in it’s the second trip I’ve gone to with my boyfriend. No worries with parents approval of course! yeah, I still do need that.
  7. Might have to change a few things here. Not sure if I could keep up with monthly updates. I might change it, only if I have something going on on that day, for example, an event, I would post about it the next day! seems easy and I know it won’t be.


That’s my update, for now, I know it’s not much but better than never! Thank you so much for keeping up with me, if you still do there is more to come!




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