Queen’s Birthday 

 Celebrating my mom’s birthday on the 18th. Huge shoutout to my boyfriend for being there preparing and also of course planning for the surprise!

Start from, waiting for the clock to hit 12 midnight. My mom usually does not count 12 am as her birthday, she’s more into in the morning like 8 am kind of “oh Its my birthday”, basically a morning person. My boyfriend asked me to surprise her exactly when the clock hits 12. Do you know how long does it take to stay awake? I almost fall asleep on our huge pillow (yes we have that huge pillow thingy where you can sit and sleep on it). The surprise went well, she really like the gift! (I hope she does).

Moving forward to late afternoon, we went to Kabin Cafe. Really love the setting! Which I forgot to take picture of it but I do take videos of it.


Mom’s cake! Loving the rose it’s so cute! But I don’t eat cakes, unless I really really have to.


One of my favourite! Chocolate of course!


One of the vendors, vendors? IMG_1358Not so sure, was it matcha shake or something else, but it was good!

Overall, we had fun, ate too much and most importantly to see her smile on her face! Happy Birthday ma! May Allah bless you. I can’t thank you enough for all of the support, love and everything for years! I wrote this one letter, with lots of feels and I crei. okay bye!



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