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Hello, Pulau Selirong

Okay, all I can say now or right now is that this is a very late post, but better than never! My boyfriend and I went for a – sort of like an adventure but not, more like education or awareness – okay just basically a trip that both of us never been to yet.

Hello Pulau Selirong!


Brunei Darussalam might be small of a country but I haven’t traveled to Temburong ever. First trip with my boyfriend? HELL YES! No worries I get the permission from my parents so yes.

IMG_1389The event starts at 7 AM, Bandar Seri Begawan way too early on a Sunday, but let’s get started! Went to Pulau Selirong from Bandar by boat, said that it will take 45  minutes but it didn’t take that long actually. Safety first, when you are a fun size that life jacket is too big for you I look like I’m wearing an oversized balloon-like jacket. Can you imagine that?

IMG_1413Here’s a statement. If you want to see all green go green hail green kind of environment you can just jump into the boat and go to Pulau Selirong, it’s so green that my eyes can’t cope with it! In a good way okay, go green!

IMG_1390The question is, what are we doing here? To walk 3km on a plank walkway just to see the mangrove forest? Nope, we’re looking for probosci monkeys, flying lemurs, and mudskipper. Unfortunately, we’re unable to at least spot one of the animals, just the sound of – probosci monkey and mudskipper randomly run/swim away from us hooman.

IMG_1403I am trying to explore my photography skill, but being here, with all of this green color – I am so confused on what to take pictures of. I tried, I didn’t take much because I don’t want to click on every single thing you know randomly without the feels. Get it? The feels. IMPORTANT!


To walk with 20 other hooman in lines is quite hard. You see, everyone is with their cameras, some may STOP and take dozens of pictures and others just have to wait until he or she is finished then continue walking. Through all that, I kind of like this shot.


I did mention that I am a fun size kind of hooman. I don’t know if you can see that plank walkway, it is not straight kind of walkway, more like they have a roundish bumpy ish surface, and my tiny feet were in pain okay – to walk for 3 km – I’d be dead.

IMG_1421Play that reflection song by Mulan! loving the view, it’s like my main focus is the reflection of the trees and the sky, also that fallen leaves.

IMG_1430So happy that we made it! 3km walk? wooooo – 100 percent sure I have never walk that long. But I tried hooman, I tried.

IMG_1436Well thank you to our host, is it host? Our host Firdaus from GreenBrunei!

IMG_1443And the food of course, never forgets about food, please. Soto Kawin Hati Buyah from Soto Pabo was good! Didn’t know it’s a well-known place but I get the message here! Good view, amazing food!


Overall the trip was fun of course! Looking forward for another trip soon! check out the vlog here!




ALSO! LOOK AT THIS LOOK AT IT! TELL ME ITS CUTE! Took me forever to edit! My boyfriend said it’s cute so can’t argue with that!


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