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21 lessons learned

Sitting on my bed wondering what I have been doing for the past 21 years of my life. Looking at my kittens Aldo and Coffee playing around the box, while Puga (their mother) waiting for me to open the door. Should I be writing 21 lessons learned post? Should I be writing the things that happened?

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Writing this down, it’s two days before my birthday. Not that I am excited about it, but it’s the day that reminds me if I’m able to do something different from the past years. Whatever my actions was, how stupid it was, I won’t be the person who I am today.  If I do have one wish, to go back in time which does not do those yknow things that I did, but if I decided to change the past, whatever it is here today will not exist.

Is this too cliche?

21 lesson learned

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  1. To love and accept yourself for being who you are, whatever you are. There are those who will accept you for you.
  2. Do not change yourself just to suit or to feel belong to a certain group of people. You cannot control what people think about you.
  3. Create your own storyline, and go for it!
  4. Study smart, work hard, and always respect your parents.
  5. Never compare your life to someone else, I mean I had enough with mine I don’t really bother to compare mine to others, people fight their own battle.
  6. Do what you want to do, do it with your heart. Listen to others? You will regret it.
  7. The balance between following your heart, do think about it with your brain too.
  8. Never let your emotions control your day. To think negatively it will ruin the whole day, stand up and let the sunshine!
  9. Self-discipline, to have a good mindset, time management and such, those basic skills!
  10. Self-love, take a time off, enjoy that one day “a date with yourself”
  11. Stand up for yourself, speak up for what you believe in.
  12. Read more books, its interesting despite how expensive it is (for real, I am trying to buy new books)
  13. You can never make everyone happy, don’t you ever dare try so hard to please them if they do not even appreciate your efforts. What matters is yours.
  14. Bad things happened in life, it’s life but does believe that something good will come so “don’t worry and be happy”
  15. as common as it is, do ask questions when you do not understand, no such thing as a stupid question, if it is a stupid question. I asked a lot of stupid questions.
  16.  Never feel bad for making the decision for your life! You are not responsible for their happiness.
  17. Remember you always have the choice, to take it, leave it or change it.
  18. learn to let go of things that include poisonous hooman.
  19. Forgive yourself, get your shit together and make peace with your past.
  20. Sometimes, it’s okay not to be okay.
  21. cats help… sleep helps too (okay thanks for my sister to add the last one)


I am really blessed with everything in my life so far, so looking forward to a new chapter in life. I am grateful to have such supportive family, I can’t thank my mother enough for taking good care of me since day one. Lastly, to the most precious person I have ever met, my boyfriend! words can never be enough to thank him, all of his efforts, his cute surprises and how he always manages to put a smile on my face, he’s the ultimate support hooman system! And, not to forget to my closest friends who stay with me through whatever stage I was, thank you!




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