Days In My Life

Another Chapter


Another chapter in life. As I wake up to start the day, looking at the sky and it was lilac and blue colored. First thing in my mind was ” I should take a picture of this“, yet I fall back to sleep, knowing that it was just six in the morning. Remembering how last night was cute. My boyfriend sends me a birthday video to greet me right when the clock strikes 12 am. Video? saved!

The plan was, to watch a movie and dinner at 7. In the afternoon he picks me at my house, he opened up the door and there was a blue bag. Do I have to state the obvious? I know that it’s my gift but I was so speechless!


I didn’t ask him what movie we’re going to watch because I was so excited to spend the day with him. After we went in, it was Kingsman: The Golden Circle. 9/10!!


After the movie went for a short walk at the park. He sang birthday songs to me, we talked too.


I am into a lilac colored sky, so this is probably the first time I have ever watch a greenish one! Okay, it doesn’t look green here but you get the point. CAN YOU SEE THE MOON?


Also, we had a photo session. Do Know that I am still an awkward catpotato.


He told me that we are going to KB, KB is so damn far away! At the end, we went to a restaurant, around Gadong. The first step, I didn’t see it, closer to our seat I saw a balloon and he made this cute banner! GET YOU A GUY WHO DIY STUFF! I am so proud of my love to do such cute preparation for me!


Salmon, always with the salmon! The only food that I eat at this restaurant, just because of the salmon, second I don’t want to try other.


I forgot what he ordered, but it looks good!


Would you go for a second? I only ate the salad part just because I was full.


Another surprise! a birthday cake? BIRTHDAY CAKE! Ugh, it’s so cute of him to do all of this for me.


I really can’t thank my boyfriend enough for being such a sweetheart! You mean the world to me! With all of the cute surprises and gift A plus for the gifts! So excited to wear it soon!  I love you, always and more Farid! 😍 Most importantly, thank you for being here, today, on my day – mostly being by my side every single day. 🌸 have another amazing birthday to remember!

Also, thank you to my friend you know who you are! with the early gifts and the greet. To my long lost friend, cat lady hey so surprised to received cat gif and a birthday greet from you! And to those who know me from Instagram, thank you so much for the greets! I really do appreciate it!

(I am censoring their names) hahaha. Also, do check up my vlog!




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