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Self Discovery

I have started this blog a few years ago, it is a slow growth, to be honest and I wasn’t expecting anything because I mainly write things that are more into a personal diary. But as days go by I realized that people start to follow and leave their comments on the blog, from there I decided to explore what WordPress could offer, realizing Community Pool is an important space to communicate. As for today, I want to clarify FallingForSnow as a lifestyle blog. Trying to create something different and meaningful not only to myself but also to the surrounding that includes the people.

I am taking the value of this blog to deliver what I am capable of, and what I believe is beneficial to the readers. I have always had this urge to tell stories of what I’ve been through, what I have been thinking, whatever it is I really want to share to, but I do not have the voice like an influencer, not even a public image for people to listen.


For that reason, I created a new category “Self-discovery” with Mind, Body and Soul, and Self Development that focuses on self-growth, the path I took to become who I am today, the lessons learned and more! I believe that there is more to come in the future but for now let it be two.

Really hope that you would like this rebrand of FallingForSnow, I am planning so much to post soon enough, and it really excites me to share it with you guys! Tell me what do you think about it, are you looking forward to it? I hope so!





11 thoughts on “Self Discovery

  1. Hi there 🙂 it’s great that you have the courage to share. I feel lots are at the point of change and if Everyone could share and grow together that’s be awesome. Best of luck with it


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