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Hello Hooman!

As the first post for the category of Self Development, I would highlight that I am the kind of person who hardly wants to talk to other human beings.


Every third-year students of the University of Brunei Darussalam will have to choose which program that would they take for Discovery Year. It is an opportunity for everyone to learn more about the outside world, rather than just sitting in a class and listen to your lecturer for straight 4 years of University life. For my third year, the first semester, I choose Incubation. Incubation is a platform whereby students are able to start up their own business, based on the ideas at first, along the way there will be challenges and criticism from different perspectives in order to reach the right path, supported by our mentor.

Apparently talking in public and to strangers is part of the program, to get to know people as well as to pitch your products to investors or y’know other important people in this industry. Talking is not my forte, know that I am a quiet kind of person I don’t talk much at all unless you do have the same interest or way of thinking like I do. Well sort of. On the 18th of October until the 21st, we were given the opportunity to present our products and services to the public during the Career Fair event at Chancellor Hall, Universiti Brunei Darussalam. But among 12 companies in Incubation, only 3 was selected. As far as I know, deep down I really want to present our project (by our meant my boyfriend and me) but the slot was full. Kind of upset, but I do want others to go out there and shine! However, the night before the event, there was a last minute announcement, an update that I was selected to be one the representative. I was like whhhuuuuuuaaaaaat! I was excited and anxious at the same time! It hits me that I hardly talk in public, nor even prepare on what to pitch, still, it’s the opportunity to improve myself as a person.

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-23 at 23.46.40

Three days straight, I was able to talk about our project to different kind of people, from different companies as well as from DARE, and some from my mentor’s previous students and colleague. It was amazing to get good feedback on my pitch and the project, and of course, never forget my boyfriend for his endless support as the co-founder!  As tiring as it was, weird enough I was capable of delivering the pitch of not only our project but also my colleagues’. To think that MAN, they should have given me some Ka-ching for the services.

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-23 at 23.46.39

Overall the event was fun, I am happy to know what I am capable of, to prove myself that I could talk to people, in the English language as well as Malay! It’s a bit harder to talk in Malay where the fact that you need to do it in standard form to make it sound as polite as possible when talking to the elderly.

In conclusion from what I learn from this event:

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-23 at 23.46.41
The only decent candid photo of me, hahaha
  1. Despite how much I dislike to talk in public, it is a must to represent what and who you are as a person as well as it acts as the representative of your activities or your project
  2. Something that you are not good at can be improved, as long as you have the courage to take the first step
  3. If you want to be heard, speak up!
  4. Never ever wait for an opportunity, walk or better run for it before it’s too late
  5. As cliche as it is, no one is ever ready for anything, there is no such thing as waiting for the right time. Time never stops, keeps on ticking so run for yo life!




18 thoughts on “I Talk

  1. That seemed like a great opportunity and experience for you! It is awesome you got out of your comfort zone for a bit and discovered you have more confidence than you thought. Definitely a growing experience. Glad it turned out well for you!


  2. Love the lessons you’ve learned.

    I’m glad you kind of conquered your “fear” of speaking in public. I feel you with that. Though on my part, I’m only shy at first and then if I’m comfortable with you, you would say that I wish I was shy again. Hahahaha

    And I actually thought of babies and all that when I first read of the word incubation. Lol 😂


  3. This is such an inspiring post! Yes, you’re right, there is no such thing as the ‘right time’. We need to have courage to make the time right.
    Opportunities won’t be presented before us on plates…we all need to make an effort to look for them.
    They say, “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” I absolutely love this quote because it is absolutely true. Isn’t it?
    This is a wonderful post and I really enjoyed reading it!


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