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Where am I?

First of all, I miss blogging. I do not know how many times I have mentioned it in the past posts. To be honest, I am sort of lost on how to manage my time with different roles that I am currently doing. So what I am trying to do is that to clarify who am I as a person do different situation that I am in for the past 5 months.


To state again, I did mention that I choose Incubation for my third-year program. It is a platform where students are able to apply all of their knowledge of Business to a reality. It was an amazing journey still, I can’t wait to share it with everyone! Back to the point, as a co-founder of WunderLifestyle (please do check it out!) starting up something that you are passionate about and something that is new is quite a tough ride. What I really enjoy doing is taking the videos and photos of the location and managing our social media, well mostly Instagram. Yknow because I have a thing with “theme pattern”.

What I find it hard is that, to meet up with people and have a discussion on a certain area, to convince people that it is possible and the fact that I am still a student that Kachiingg part is not in my pocket obviously. As well as my role as a friend to my fellow incubatees. To be honest, it takes time for me to invest my time for others than myself. Not going to lie it gives me the pressure, to the point knowing that some really just don’t bother. You know that feeling “I believe we can do this together” but Nah man being the one who has an expectation on your members to at least come on time and participate on the workload is just a No-No. I do appreciate those who really give the respect to one another. Of course, I am upset about some part of it, how I have put my trust in people that you thought we could work through it.

So yeah, this is what I have been feeling lately and I am not sure on what to do. My goal is that I want to shine with people right beside one another with the same level, but different people see Incubation differently and I can’t change the way one’s perspective on it. Let’s just hope I can go through this! FIGHTOOOO


Quite tough, a family is where emotional support comes from, other than relationship and friendship. I think that I have been brought up to think of how to get money, need to get good grades, need to a have that divergent thinking skill, basically a multitask human being but not actually understanding what I really want or need as ME. Going home to me is like bills, workload, attention for my kids (cats), continuation what I left from University, on and on and you get the point where I am too busy to figure out that Me Time is important.

My role as a daughter is that to be an independent woman, knows how to do this and that, what do you expect from being the eldest. But, what I have figured out years ago is to be an emotional support for my mother and my siblings, to be the glue role in the family is a – I don’t know what but I just know that I need to do so. It does not seem much but it takes up my energy. My role as a sister, hahaha I am my Dad 2.0 version where I would obviously scold my siblings if they tend to do something wrong or yknow typical elder sister role.

Where I am (1)

My MVP obviously my boyfriend who gives me unlimited support in many ways! I really can’t think straight or twice whenever I make the decision in life. It’s good to have other perspectives on things to discuss and share, a huge impact on me for more than a year now. Most importantly my reality check and emotional support! Where he helps me a lot with my University life and my personal life as well, I am grateful to be with him. To say what is my role as a girlfriend, to give him as much support as he gives, to be a better partner in terms of our projects, to be what people called as Home in a person.



I am a blogger

I do love to do Bullet Journal

I am into photography and videography

Watching Anime and Youtube

I want to be a good girlfriend, friend, and student

I need to learn more about what the outside world would offer

and to be honest with myself about doing things that I am passionate about

lastly to appreciate every moment of my chapters


So much more to do yet so little time and money yes money can’t deny that. However, throughout out my journey of understanding who I am as a person with my personalities, there are more to discover and learn. From this, I would love to show the progress on how I achieve certain things in life and events. Despite how many times I asked myself who am I or where am I. Listing it down makes it clear to me, and to get that relief for letting whatever in my head out is great!



16 thoughts on “Where am I?

  1. Assalamualaikum, can’t believe I didn’t connect two to two that WunderLifestyle is hosted by you! Really liked the blog. Bittaufiq wannajah on your endeavours.


  2. Good luck on everything, dear!! Even if you feel pressured sometimes, it’s good to know that you have a strong support system with you. And you got us, too!! 🙂

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