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Back To School Haul

Well, currently I am in my third year in University, which still in Discovery Year Program, Internship. Can’t hold on the fact that, I want to buy school essentials as well – I need it.

First of all, let’s talk about the bags!


I bought a faux leather mini backpack for this year, loving the fact that it has rose embroidered, another plus I bought it for below BND $15.00 can you believe that? Also, my mom bought b this cute cat printed tote bag, which is obviously cute af, suitable for a laptop bag. Both bags I used for the first week of Internship and it does carry all of my stuff well! Hmm, I might do a whats in my bag post soon?

Secondly, the pens! 


Really can’t hide the fact that I love pens! SARASA CLIP pens are one of my favorite pens for the past 6 years! Seeing Mild Antique Limited Edition? Can’t thank my mom enough for buying it for me! Mildliners, oh god where do I start! Love them, every one of them! Thank you for my boyfriend who bought some of the colors! Lastly, if you guys check out my Instagram, you do notice that I am into calligraphy as well. Wink of Luna Brush is so cool, although I did had a hard time trying to use them. Overall, it’s good!

Lastly, the books!


Books, lots of books. No such thing as too many books! (actually, I have more than what I have displayed above) I bought a book for bullet journal, tracking meetings, tracking my daily log and spending, also morning pages! I’m still thinking about what to do with the other books. Q also gave me lots of books as gifts, guys this girl is the boom! Thank you!


That is all for today! Hope that you will like my Back To School Haul,  also do tell me what is your favorite products for BTS?

(Do enjoy Coffee the kitten, good thing I took a photo of him at the right time! I mean look at this furball!)





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