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New Instax!!

inOkay finally! But first, let me tell you something. January trial month is not a good start, to be honest. I just paid for my domain, 4 days before expired date like what the hell Yumie, be committed to your blog for this year. Moving on I bought a new Instax in January. Previously my first Instax was my mom’s an old one which might be more than two decades, the second one was Instax mini 8 in pink my mom bought it for me 5 years ago, but busted, third was the Lomo’instant, which I do not know how to use! Wasted way too many films so I gave up.

But, it has been a while not taking photos with Instax with my boyfriend, because it’s kind of a thing for me. So I bought it, accidentally used my saving account (I HAVE TO!!) 



Lime green in color! I feel like this year or more specifically January feels like a green kind of month, so I like it a lot! Good to know that the mini 9 have a close-up Lens Attachment. Easy for us to take lots of selfies!

Almost forgot that it’s Ginza Instax Special Kit!

  • Instant Camera & Film
  • Original Pouch
  • Original Sticker
  • Original Mirror Card
  • Original Album

Instax mini 9 Instant Camera:

  • Instant Camera [Instax mini 9]
  • Hand Strap
  • Close-up Lens Attachment
  • Sticker
  • AA Battery
  • Instruction Manual

I like the bag! It’s super cute and yeah you get the point.



I am having so much fun being able to take more photos with it, plus I might say goodbye to BND $20 for two boxes worth of films. It’s worth it!

Do you like to take photos with Polaroid as well? or nah

15 thoughts on “New Instax!!

      1. I rather foolishly keep forgetting to alter the little dial on the front! Oops!


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