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Some of you know me how I do not socialize well, not with female, women or girls! But as for today, hahaha I kinda have to. We, my boyfriend and I got invited to Brunei Womenpreneur Network Launch last Saturday on the 11th March 2018, by our mentors, which I owe you guys a story on that. Fast forward it started at 4:30 PM to 6PM, although of course it will start a bit late waiting for the others to come.  2

At the first hour, it was really awkward knowing that I don’t know anyone here except for my mentors, and some of their team members. So I just started to take videos of the event. That day I finally meet Pat in real life, fangirl a bit!


Lineage.Bn crew was there, it was fun to try out their new product of Multibery Yogurt Peeling Gel and Repair Pack. Hmm, wondering if I should open up a review section 🤔3

The talk mainly focused on women in a different industry. I was so surprised to know that at a very young age they went through a lot of things and achieved so much.  Motivating? Very much! I also met Nazy from KAVA, I had a hard time trying to talk to her, which I might soon improve on how to communicate with hooman.


Also, the event was at Coco Cafe, a little review! I love everything! The setting, the furniture the food looks good! Although I don’t eat cakes.



Overall, it was fun really. Looking forward to the next event and let’s see if I could actually or finally improve my communication skill.

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