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Another Year


Today is the day that it repeats, was not expecting anything but I have been waiting for it. It feels like our first date, I feel so nervous to think of what to wear, what should we do and such, and that was a year ago. As for today, I am glad that it falls on Sunday. To get to spend time together without the worries of work and business.

I decided to make a DIY card for him and also a letter, written with lots of things that I wanted him to know. Believe that it will be well kept on a piece of paper, as it can be seen the effort, in a way? IMG_3207

Wouldn’t say that I am wearing something casual but more like something comfortable for me to wear, to choose between a black dress or red blouse. I choose the red blouse with black skinny jeans and a plaid shirt wrap around my waist. Running down the stairs and open the front door, to know that I was late for the date. He was waiting outside and surprised me with a boutique of flowers, my favorite flowersIMG_3155


Bought two movie tickets for us to watch at 3:45 PM, Pacific Rim. Damn, when was the last time I watched the first one.

We arrived at Time Square an hour early before the IMG_3158movie, so we decided to walk around, seeing things, a couple of new shops. Which include this yellow cheese -food-thingy, currently a trend here in Brunei, but I might just have to wait 6 months or so for it to die down and try out.



Stopped by at Takoyaki shop to purchase the usual, Set B for only BND $5. A bit disappointed, it was burnt and it’s tasteless. Much preferred to buy the Mall Gadong branch.

The movie. 


It was a great movie, worth the watch. I would rate 8 out of 10. 


If you are into Japanese, Robots, and fighting scene, totally recommended but do watch the first movie before this one. The battle between humankind and Godzilla mixed kind of creatures if you know what I mean, hahaha. No worries, no spoilers here.



Balkony, it’s our second visit. This place is amazing! Aesthetically pleasing, note that it is quite expensive as well.


Spiced Salmon and Mushroom-something, the menu is too long, I can only remember that, apologize for it. Got me thinking about the comparison money spend on this food versus 3 types of Salmon at Excapade Sushi, which one is worth it. For almost BND $20.00 for this was I was ShOoKeD!

IMG_3209For sure I cannot pronounce his food except for thr burger part. I love the potato wedges, tasteful, and also the burger itself. Which we at the last time we went here.


Spending half of the day with him is so lovely and amazing! Can’t believe that it’s our second anniversary, time flies so fast and I admire every single day with him. I mean I could write tons of post about him and our journey! To point out that, he means a lot to me, like a lot. To walking into challenges and to received numbers of achievements together was astonishing!

To my boyfriend, please read the letter and card again! hahaha love you a lot! 🌸


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