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To do when I am Bored


Hello everyone!

It’s Sunday here in Brunei Darussalam. and yes I am bored af! I have clean my room, showered some of my cats and checking out Pinterest on what to do. Yep I AM THAT BORED. hahaha so I listed down quite a number of things to do. I think it’s because I am so used to do a lot of things every day including the weekend, which I hardly have a day off. Now I do, for 3 days. However, on the last day, which is today, I’m not quite sure what to do. So here goes

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I have never tried yoga before but,  I too am not as sporty kind of person like I used to, but knowing 4 months interning sitting in the office most of the time, I really need to do something other than working out and jogging because I am suck at both. Yoga it is then for a start. 30 mins, damn I didn’t know time would go fast, I guess I was too focused on it, will do a second try tomorrow before going to the office. We’ll see!


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Another to-do list is to download strategy game. I downloaded Memoria Freese, Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls in Dungeon a month ago and I did not have time to try it out since again busy with work. As for today, I’ve leveled up to level 5, not much really. Also, I played Sims Mobile!

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Then my mom texted me if I want to eat Biabas, I do not know the English version of this food BUTT IT GOOD!

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Also ended up eating leftover snacks from Pizzahut, Mac and Cheese is life!

Processed with VSCO with e1 presetand not to forget I need to drink more water! I had to borrow my mom’s bottle because it’s cute! Kind of motivating me to drink more.

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One of my other things to do when I have a free time is to watch Marzia’s videos, it really does calms me down. I think I can list down which YouTubers to watch on certain things.

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Lastly, to try learning a new language more like re-learn because I miss Japanese Class.

I have done so much today and later on at night, its 6 PM here.

How was your weekend?

9 thoughts on “To do when I am Bored

  1. My weekend was so hyped because of the UAAP Volleyball and I kept on watching so I wasn’t that really bored. Haha. I really love your pictures and this is such a nice post!! ❤


  2. That’s cool! I hope next year, I can learn Japanese with a real teacher. I tried to learn by myself but I lack, sometimes, motivation to be alone.


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