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My Little Polaroid

IMG_3214I bought a new Polaroid earlier this year, green lime in color. So for the reason why I wanted to “Revamp” it, but it’s more like adding stickers to it because I want to add more of my character in it, makes it looks cute so I would use it more often although the film of two pack (20 films) is quite expensive, luckily I have a member card from Instax Brunei, and it’s BND $20! Still, it’s quite okay. But most importantly I am trying to hide the scratch-thingy on it, which I do not know where did I even get it.

And yes, I took the photos a week ago.


Got this sticker for FREEEEE, well not really it’s in my Mouse thing package.


It’s a bit hard for me to stick all of the stickers on the Polaroid because Garfield and Coffee were in a really clingy mode.


I think that they thought it was a snack or something.


Tadaaaaaa! Do you see that not so tiny cat on the broom? but my favorite would be the rainbow ones because of its KYOT!


I mean for real though, it’s a Polaroid, not your snacks. Coffee tried to hard to bite it.


6 thoughts on “My Little Polaroid

  1. Are those your cats?! THEIR SO CUTE!!! Also their names are so cute! (I LOVE CATS, in case you haven’t noticed)


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