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Cats in the House!

Hello everyone! An amazing collaboration with Jirah Merizz, I was so happy to know that we’re going to do a collaboration of our cats! As you guys may know, both of us are so in love with our cats! Mind us not so here we go!


I currently I have 8 cats, I used to have more than 15, but I gave it away to a better home. But, focuses on the current babies!



She is my baby girl, the queen of the cat fam! Long story short, my dad found her outside of our house, weirdly enough she’s being super nice to a stranger and act fine when my dad brought her into his car. That particular night, my dad phoned me as he asked “Do you want a cat? If you do, come downstairs” I have never run as fast just for the sake of meeting the cat. And, there she was all mighty Gray-colored fluffiness. Not knowing she was pregnant. (that’s how the cat fam getting bigger and bigger for the next 4 months or so) She’s 3-4 years old now.


She’s the sassiest cat ever, she does not want to play with me at all, just sit or just fall asleep next to me. The weirdest thing is, she likes it when I sing. So weird that she will come and lick my face. But after giving birth to a lot of kittens for the past years, she became the most Don’t Fuck With Me kind of cat. She does not even want me to touch her. Only when I brought her to the beach, change of personality whenever she’s in the car. Believe me, I don’t even know how.



You can say that he is the King of the cat fam. I lost Ling few weeks after I got her, just because my brother forgot to close the window, so I cried too hard for a whole day. As then my mom brought Neko in, sort of like to calm me down. Also the same day Ling came back home like wtf now I have two cats! I thought that Neko is a female, which was not. He’s 2-3 years old now


My mom named him Neko, which means Cat in Japan. He’s a bit of a scary cat, as he would crawl himself into a ball shape, just because he was afraid of my dad petting him. He only understands whenever my mom calls him, bothers not about other people. He does not want to eat the same bowl with other cats nor the same place. Bossy mf. He only eats Royal Canin Persian Adult brand, which means that he will not eat other than that. (thus, rest in peace my bank account every month). Lastly, he loves any toys with strings.


IMG_9743The princess! Puga looks a lot like Neko but much fluffier. I named her Puga after Marzia’s pugs. Not sure if some of you notice that! She’s the cutest among all. She loves to sleep with me, even understand whenever I call her. However, again after giving birth to lots of kittens. She changed into not so friendly kitty cat. As if for now, she lost a lot of her fur due to feeling stress with too many cats in the house. Of course, I don’t like it when she kept of licking her fur, tried so hard to give her more attention.


She loves snacks, whenever I open my drawers she would run as fast as she could to get the first snacks! Also, her eyes are so round and it makes her even cuter, and it’s a bit crossed. Preferably she likes to hide under the blanket so that she could nap without other cats bothering her. She loves plastics, not sure why. She would just take any plastics in my room and carries it, give it to me and will meow as loud as she can to get my attention.



The black cat in the house! She’s the only tiny black cat with a tiny tail. It’s so cute that I want to squeeze her. She’s like the female version of Toothless but with less tail, get it? hahaha sorry. She’s Ling’s daughter, not sure from which batch and the first short-tailed one.


A bit of a scary cat as well, just because her siblings used to bully her because she’s tiny? She has the softest paws whenever I tried to feed her with snacks. Not really socializing with other cats, as she prefers to sleep rather than playing around. This girl is the sneakiest among all. She knows certain drawers in my room that contains snacks, and she would try so hard to open it up and get the snacks. One time, I left my snack open and she would run away with my bag of chips. Can you imagine that tiny kitty cat running with my chips!



Know that I only have grey coloured, mix grey and black and white and also a black coloured. ONE DAY, Puga gave birth to a Siamese cat, Putih. IT DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE! But that period of time, I did what to have Siamese cat, wasn’t expecting that my wish would come true. Putih, its white in Malay language.


He’s very playful as a kitten, but not so much when he hits one year old. Such a sleepyhead, sometimes get into fights with the male cats. Probably the season of who is the alpha. I didn’t get much time to know him well, but he likes to play with lights.


FullSizeRender 8.JPGSo, hahaha how should I start? Know that my boyfriend has orange-yellow coloured cats and also grey ones, so I asked if I could take care of one of his cats, well to be specific I want Garfield when he was just almost 4 months old. (not realizing I already have tons of cat) This is how I got Garfield.


He is the cutest, and the most “Garfield” cat I have ever have. Literally, he’s currently almost 5 kg, and he is a one-year-old boy. Very demanding kind of cat. He gives you that “I want you to pet me but don’t touch me too much BUT don’t get near me but please pet me” You get what I am saying? He would get so jealous whenever I shift my attention to the other cats. He would either drop my things from my tables intentionally or just stare at the other cat. I mean he’s still adorable! Always by my side, not liking him whenever the clock hit 2 to 3 am, he will be noisy af.


16BFD7F3-8DF7-4DC1-A94A-9DFA0D4684C2.JPGPuga gave birth to Ling Look-A-Like. Finally, another grey coloured cat! However, he’s not has a bit of a problem on the leg part. Not quite sure how to explain but, he was a crumpled leg kitten, and we tried to make it straight. He will look more like a cat-rabbit whenever he runs. But, he’s a healthy cat super fluffy!


The most clingy cat ever. Whenever I tried to do my work at home, he would just jump on my lap and sit. THE MOST AWWWWW moment I have ever seen at a cat to do such thing. He’s the kind that would look at you and tells you “YOU’RE MINE” and approach to you shows his butt and sleep right next to you, he prefers to be spooned. yep.



Another Siamese cat, not from Puga but Mia. So weird isn’t it. Since he’s currently only 6 months old so, I am not quite sure on his personality yet. From what I have seen is that he wants the attention by meowing a lot, just to get you to see him then he will shut up. But does not want you to hold him, and he sleeps on my bed not too close to me. See, still don’t get what does he wants. He also has a crossed kind of eyes which makes him even cuter!

That’s it for the story for each cat and their personalities! How about yours? Do you notice that each cat have different interest and personality? OH, do you know they have a different kind of meow? Can you tell the differences? Do let me know in the comment section below!

Also, not to forget, thank you so much to Jirah for this amazing collaboration, please do check her cats’ story too! Guys, she’s the nicest human being I virtually met (kind of met yknow through blogging) do support her and of course, follow her as well. Again, thank you Jirah you’re awesome!

Oh AND lastly! Are you into paws or nose! PLEASE LET ME KNOW!


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