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Paperang P1 Review


Last Friday, I was overly excited!


I am so in love with the colour it’s mint green (Yumie, not sure if you are blind but its Blue-ish)? They have White, Blue and Pink coloured for Paperang P1.

Was debating whether I should buy Paperang P1 or Memobird G2. Knowing me I would go for the cute ones, you know what I’m saying?

Storytime! I told my mom that I wanted to buy Paperang then she said

“Do not waste your money” as the next day she asked “How much was it?” and bought it for my sister as well.

As for the next day, I told my friend Q about it too, not sure if I accidentally convert her into Paperang as well.

Also, I need to ask Farid if he is okay if I purchase this item because I need to control myself from buying things that I do not need.

The Arrival


Look at this precious little!! The first look, of course, I would be MY GOOOOOOOOOODDD it’s worth it! OHH I should explain the packages:

I bought Paperang P1 Blue in colour, choose Package 1 which include the Paperang itself, one paper, a cable, the box and also the manual, with the official white sticker paper 1 Roll and Blue Ink Sticker 1 roll, with additional 5 more normal paper because knowing me I would print a lot. For more information, you can click Here.


First of all, you need to charge the Paperang and download the application on your phone which both Andriod and IOS should be okay! Take note that you need to register your email before using it, also sadly they do not have Brunei Darussalam Phone number for registration, which explains why I’m using email.


This is my sister’s Paperang. She’s into white or grey (so minimalist lah sangat) that’s why my mom bought her one, and currently, she’s busy with her art project luckily enough the print came on time and prints lots of photos imidietly.


I can finally start with my pending journals! Of course, it would start with my adventure with Farid for our WunderLifestyle.


I would add more stickers in the future! Forgot to mention I bought the case as well, knowing how clumsy I can be I DO NOT WANT TO BREAK STUFF.

The Good News

  • Guys, its wireless like wtf
  • Build-in batteries so no need to worry about how to find the closes plugs,
  • Oh and also they have the application so, you can see how many batteries left
  • It’s affordable since I am into journaling and I do want to have some pictures in it
  • It’s tiny so I can bring it everywhere, like literally in my pocket
  • The quality of text is so good, I printed way too many to do list in a day
  • The paper is affordable and adorable, they have lots of choices
  • No ink involve since its terminal heat

The Bad News (well not really) 

  • Note that it’s based on terminal heat so it will only produce in black and white prints
  • If you have way too many colours in the photo before printing, It will not come out as a very good result, yknow because it’s black and white?
  • Other than that I have no problem at all as if for now

I would highly recommend Yuna_2rific, to purchase Paperang and more cute stuff! I can’t thank her enough for introducing such amazing things! Do check her out and follow her Instagram

27 thoughts on “Paperang P1 Review

  1. asalamualaykum! i just bought mine last week, and so far, so good. I am wondering, since you have posted this 7 months ago, is your paperang still works fine or is it having any problems now? thank you so much, i would really appreciate a reply. Shukran!


  2. Do you have any problems regarding the print? I’m curious how long can it last because i’m really interested in buying. Thank you


    1. so far no problem at all, whats important is what kind of paper you purchase.
      1. Black inked – last longer, its almost a year now
      2. Blue inked (cheaper) – lasted only for a few months
      3. Sticker paper – make sure that it can be printed on


    2. I purchased the Sticker Paper from the official site and it is horrible – ink fades within a few weeks (i stick it in my journal so no light or heat reaches it)


  3. I purchased the Sticker Paper from the official site and it is horrible – ink fades within a few weeks (i stick it in my journal so no light or heat reaches it)


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