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RTB: Rampai Pagi

34thAnother milestone for WunderLifestyle! We were invited to Rampai Pagi, Brunei Darussalam morning channel that focuses on what Bruneian have done and could do as a person or a group of people.

This is not actually my first time being interviewed by Radio Television Brunei, but as WunderLifestyle it’s our first. I was afraid to do so just because I was worried that no one would get what we are trying to do.

Going there was nerve wrecking, by nerve wrecking I mean during the Make-up session. I look like a human doll, not a kyot one. Have to say that hahaha.


We talked about how we started, and the why and what. It was quite awkward, to be honest, I’m trying so hard to talk in Malay here but I kept on answering back in English like wtf Yumie. Farid did very well and I am so happy that he can just go with the flow! Overall, it was amazing! To know we reach this far! Will update more about WunderLifestyle here, can’t wait to write more!



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