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Twitter Detox

First of all, Happy Ramadhan Karee to my friends and family and fellow Muslim! May we have the chance to be better to ourselves and the people around us! Amin!

27th April, I decided to deactivate my Twitter account.


Out of curiosity how much do I use twitter daily without me self-conscious clicking on the application and scroll through unrelated tweets? Yeah, A LOT.

One the first day, I have the urge to tweet something like my boss texted me and I feel so nervous. Even the simplest emotions I was having on that day, I really need to post it but I AM HOLDING ON DEAR SELF!

Ended up posting something on my Facebook account instead, because I was so upset about something. yikes!

The following days, I notice that I am having the habit of checking Twitter right after I wake up just to have the attention shift to make me more feel awake, however since I’m trying to be on a detox from Twitter, I changed it by listening to a podcast. Which is good right! That includes while waiting in the car, waiting for my colleagues and students to come before 8:30 AM and before going to bed.

As for today, it’s the 5th day. I still have the feeling to check but I did not click on the app. It makes me realized that I can do something else while waiting or when I’m bored. Shifted again to watching Youtube, which inspires me to do things like eating healthy, inspirational post, and such AND MARZIA IS ENGAGED AND I CANNOT POST IT ON TWITTER LIKE WTF!!!! but I posted on Instagram and phoned my boyfriend about it at the middle of the night, it was 11 PM in Brunei, I mean DAMN I was that excited but then again managed to not post something on Twitter. I don’t think that my boyfriend realizes I deactivated my account, so funny and sad!

Day 6

So much happening that I feel like I need to tweet, like lens, bowling, meetings, but then again I would tend to make it as a draft than actually posting it.


In conclusion:

Almost into 2 weeks of NO TWITTER! and I told my boyfriend on the 12th Day, he asked me to activate the account back hahaha it’s cute to know that we have lots of posts together so yeah.

I do know that it’s not much but, I do realize that I have the urge to post something stupid whenever I’m mad, or excited or just stupid.

The good side is, I do not have to waste my time scrolling through the timeline when I’m trying to wake up or waiting in my car or in my office, yikes.

Overall, it was okay! Do you want to try?

Let me know in the comment section below!

6 thoughts on “Twitter Detox

  1. I am not on twitter but I tried the same with Instagram.Worked wonders! Although I do use Instagram I rarely check it obsessively.


  2. I really love the way you wrote this post 😊 Your personality shone through it and I think it’s lovely 🙂 Also a great post, made me giggle! Xx


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