Days In My Life


So not into the outing, but it was great!


On a Thursday, the incubates (the students who are in Incubation Program for their discovery year) organize a sports day for Entrepreneurship Village. They choose bowling, I mean damn when was the last time I play the ball though, 6 years ago?

The event was around 2PM, although we have to wait for an hour due to “organize issue” such a turn-off. But hey, we get to play anyway!

I was in a group with IBTE students and one of the lecturer’s kid. Hey now, I am not into kids, I prefer cats so seeing a kid being attached to me is just no no no no hahaha sorry. Didn’t get to take photos of the events but I took a short video of it, hope you guys enjoy and do leave a comment or so!

4 thoughts on “Bowling!

  1. Did you have fun, though? No matter how seriously/competitively you are with the game, it’s a ton of fun in my opinion. Get some friends together and go bowling again!


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