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May Favourites | 2018

I do think that I should be back with my monthly favourites!





I am obsessed with it! do check out my latest post related to it here! I can literally print anything, most importantly I can print the receipt for my work and stickers, oh and photos too! Huge shout-out to Q for giving me the photo films and more! HEHE

A1 Xiaomi 


My iPhone 6 Plus DIED. I was so pissed that I can’t do my work, all of the important conversations are there, as well as my draft and photos. I fixed it for more than 4 times or so. My friend Q suggested a Xiaomi A1 phone. Something affordable for me to at least could text, call and most importantly take kind of a good photo, due to my work okay!

It looks like an iPhone and Samsung at the same time, it’s cute! I love how simple it is, and I do miss that moment when you can download lots of themes to try out on your phone, the photo quality is quite nice as well!



Not that kind of journal, but more like a book that I can list down my to-do list, what I need to do for next week or additional information more like an office kind of book. Which I bought last year, finally able to use it, the full potential of it!



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