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Discovering KB | Ramadhan Edition

I went to Kuala Belait mainly for WunderLifestyle market validation. As for today, my boyfriend and I went for Sungkai Outing with our friends from Entrepreneurship Village. Iqmal, Mira, Ruby and Frina live at Kuala Belait, an hour travel with cars from Bandar Seri Begawan. They decided that we could sungaki (break of fast) together at their district, that a first for me.


While waiting, we went to Kuala Belait’s bowling centre. To be honest its so daaaaaaaamn nooiice! For real, it’s clean and colourful and clean and everything! They even took good care of the shoes. There was a special heater just to keep the shoes from spreading any germs to the next customers. which is dope AF. I’m sorry if it’s not new to you guys, I’m living in a rock.



It has been years that I have not been to an Arcade. Damn, I was so excited when I see one! So my boyfriend and I played the motorcycle ones, while the others played basketball.



Afterwards, we break our fast at this amazing restaurant, good food and good company. I think that our group was the loudest, we had fun. It’s cute that Mira provides this tiny name holder for our seats.


One of Farid’s favourite food, mochi! Closing our night with a dessert.


The View

Went to the well-known hotel for the view. It was breathtaking, we took a lot of photos, which I won’t upload it here.

Processed with VSCO with e1 preset

It’s quite a late post, as usual. Hope to go to Kuala Belait again!

Thank you to Iqmal, Mira, Frina and Ruby for being our ‘tour guide’ for the evening!


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