Yoyoso Haul

The best haul of the month (months!) IMG_3505

Yoyoso is one of my favourite shops to visit, well most visit usually cost me more than two digits, better than three or I’ll die.

Back to how I know about Yoyoso, it was located at Hua Ho Manggis walking in the building and there we saw a light colour shop filled with cute merchandise. I called it the forbidden area. Just kidding, but I really love this shop because of the sell different things every month or few weeks.


A table for my bed, I’m that kind of person that watches youtube on the bed, I do need a table for my snacks. It’s blue in colour with white and pink patterned flowers on it. Also, a table lamp, because I do not have a night lamp, I do not need it for study, more into a little light when I’m sleeping. Although Garfield really does like to knock it down from my makeup table.

IMG_3503Two light blue plaid pillows for me to sit on it, also sometimes Garfield like to sleep on it too. It matches my room theme.

While recently we went to Yayaso again early this June to purchase some more!


I am so into Mint or turquoise colour lately, the frame is so cute same goes for the cat too! I need it (for real I need it) for a photo of Farid and me when we first “seeing” each other, ah those days.


Pink comb, because (FOR REAL) I do a new one. It’s pink in colour, bonus point it looks cute too!


Not into a perfume to be honest here, but this packaging is way too cute for me not to buy. It does smell good so it’s okay! BND $4.00 for a cute package perfume? Let’s go! Coffee as my model for the perfume of course.


Lastly, a mask. I mainly use it for cleaning purposes, still cute!

Really do feel like I want to go there soon! Waiting patiently for my allowance! Farid, bare with me!

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