Days In My Life

Raya 2018

Raya this year I was not planning on going anywhere, but my boyfriend insists on visiting a few friends at least.



The first day of Raya, we would usually go to our grandparents’ house for a visit, by the visit we would get together with our cousins, eat some food, watch old films by P.Ramlee, in search for cats and again eat more food.


Another day to visit one of his friends, which surprisingly is my neighbor. Also a belated birthday to their son.


Also, to visit Fit, one of my friend as well as her cat! Her cat is so feisty, Farid and I was “injured” in the process of petting him.

Raya at Q’s was surprised to know that my cousins went to her house as well! Overly excited to meet the cats! The food was amazing too!

Raya at Microsoft I ate too much beef in a day, but it was so good!


This year’s raya was good, more post to come!

Sorry that I haven’t update anything, but I will post more promise!


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