Days In My Life

Breakfast at EV

Another one! There was this “EV hasn’t had an open office yet” and there goes our planning for a week, intense shopping and Hey!

Was expecting less than 100 people to come but in reality god damn it was a lot probably more than 250 people. The work of welcoming people, checking on the food, taking photos and yeah a lot of walking around too.

I invited my batch Incubation August 2017, it brings back funny memories and how things have changed. We talk about our experiences during our second discovery year, some of them went to Vietnam and Indonesia. 

Also some from Farid’s batch too!

Here’s my batch, I forgot to invite a couple of people IM SORRY I TOTALLY FORGOT but I am glad to meet them, it has been six months! 

Met our mentor, Kem! I was so happy to finally meet her again since it has been forever since our last adventure.  

Nazy and A’qilah, both are my seniors and persons whom I look up to! 

As for this photo, unexpectedly the SMR (Secondary Rimba School) liners! Basically, all of them are my seniors, except for my boss, of course. 😂

So far it was a wonderful experience of Open Office that I have ever been or organized.


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