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Away from home

Vlog version:

Farid received a phone call from our mentor, Kem. She said that we can stop by at her house for a night and walk around Bandar the next day. I have always wanted to stay just for one night at least, at her house. Kunyit 7 Lodge. 

I was so happy that my parents let me go to stay at Kunyit7lodge! I mean my parents hardly let me sleepover or anything related to going out for more than a day

The conversation went:

” Go ask your dad”

” Go ask your mom”

” If your dad is okay with it, but ask your dad”

I DID! hahaha the conversation went back and forth, but I guess its worth it. Packed my things, remember when was the last time I packed my bags for traveling? Five to four years?

15 minutes trip from my house to Bandar Seri Begawan, using water-boat to K7 in less than 2 minutes. “HI KEM” as loud as I could as soon as I see her.

Kem offered us tea and to spend the rest of the afternoon outside of her house, watching the water boats passed by, slowly enjoying our afternoon watching the sunset.

Before the dark color painted the skies, we light up the night with candles! Talked on how much I missed living at Kampong Ayer, taking things slow and listen to ever little things happening around.

Dinner – 

Afterward, we went to Yayasan’s Food Court for dinner. I ate Mee Basah Ayam, one of my favorite! Farid as usual either Butter Milk Chicken or Butter Chicken, while in this case, it Butter Chicken. Lastly, my sister ordered Chicken Chop and fries.

Then, we went to a not so short walk around Bandar Seri Begawan, I took some photos. I hardly take any photos at night, but the results are kind of nice!

There are numbers of stores still up for business, but it’s a bit sad to see more shops are closing down. I really can’t help the fact that whenever I see a cat! I would scream MEOW and take photos of it afterward. As for the rest of the night, we played traditional games, talk about life, and just chill the night away!

I woke up around 5 in the morning, just so that I can record the sunrise! But it was too early.

I was so amazed by the morning view! Also, surprised that my phone produces such good photos too!

Farid took some photos of the morning view as well, I took quite a lot of photos of him

And the sun shines so brightly! We decided to just sit down and enjoy the view again.

Breakfast by Kem is so YUMMY! Hands down to the most amazing Scrabled eggs ever! Thanks Kem!

Then when the clock hits 8 AM, we went down to Bandar and check out the events. Our King went down to Bandar Seri Begawan to visits his people, I only get to see him from so far away view. It was a very hot Sunday, I fall asleep while Farid went off to take photos of his Majesty. As for the drink above, I thought I was DragonFruit. It – Was – NOT. more like with a mix of syrup, kind of disappointed.

At the end of the day, spending the night at Kunyit7lodge was awesome! We took Polaroid photos for memories!

Have you been to Kunyit7Lodge? It is an amazing stay if you want to know how it feels to live in Kampong Ayer! You can find her on her Instagram and Trip Adviser, also AirBnB!


6 thoughts on “Away from home

  1. That drink you had looks so delicious!
    I know what you mean when you say you were dissapointed. I hate drinks that have syrup or already have sugar mixed in the drink :/ I just want a refreshing drink not a sugary syrupy thing.
    Anywho, thanks for sharing. This looks amazing!
    I wish there were beautiful places like this in the U.S. I’m def missing out ❤


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