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4th Year of University

Let me tell you something. I was in a very good mood, as we went to Kunyit7Lodge for a short holiday. By short I did not mean just a day! Without realizing that tomorrow is the new semester for me.

34th (1)

Hello, 4th Year.

I think that I spend a lot of time as an Intern. Which no one’s fault I enjoyed being an intern for the past seven months, without you know realizing I had few days of holiday before acknowledging the next semester starts the next day!

On Sunday, 29th July 2018. I spend the whole day at Kem’s with Farid and my sister. As the night before I did really think of what modules to take. I choose 6 modules just in case I got a few rejected. The next days, I got rejected 3 out of 6, which left me with only 3 modules for the rest of the semester. Not good, not good at all!

To summarize my whole one month of a new semester:

  • I applied for science module (as it is a must to at least have one module form science faculty). I love the module in three weeks while waiting for the acceptance. Then got rejected AND chased out from the Program Leader of Science Faculty. I mean, you don’t have to be so rude to reject a student from taking the module. Of course, I was sad, will have to take this module next semester.
  • In total only four module for this semester, Management of Information System, Financial Management, Retail Management, and Service Marketing, which all of the lecturers I knew from either my first and second year.
  • I volunteer to be one of the Class Representative in Retail Management Class, that’s a first.
  • My first assignment with 4 unknown hooman, at first it was a great discussion and then when it comes to writing report it was complicated and there was a lot of conflicts, but in the end, we managed o finished a 10 thousand words report in a week! I know right our lecturer gave us less than two weeks to do the report. Not cool.
  • Financial Management is one of my favorite modules! Just because our lecturer makes it fun and understandable. You guys know how much I hate Accounting!
  • I am very active in class participation in Service Marketing, surprisingly. Our first presentation went well! I used pitching style to do the slides, glad to know out lecture likes it!


Probably that’s just it, it’s a hectic start but I managed to get things into place!

Do check out my weekly vlogs too!

That one week in University! 


More assignments!!



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