Days In My Life

Rainy Afternoon

I was not expecting to be here, told that we will be having a meeting but ends up to chill our afternoon with hot drinks and sweet treats on a rainy afternoon. I admit, I really do love the setup, minimalist, fancy and looks hella expensive looking kind of cafe. I ordered Hot chocolate, a familiar taste, not that because of its chocolate, a different kind but familiar to me. It is a perfect place to have a meeting or just a good environment to just sit, drink cups of hot chocolate (not a coffee person), read some books and talk. I was surprised to see the bike, but it was placed nicely near to the window, how do people call it nowadays. . “aesthetically pleasing”Of course, the not so flat-lay of our afternoon coffee and chocolate, if you don’t mind. Lastly, we took photos of our food and ourselves, print it out from Q’s Paperang. It was a lovely Rainy Afternoon session.

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