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Hey, I level up!


Oh, I forgot.

I leveled up!

Hey! It’s my birthday (that was almost two months ago but OKAY!) As for this year I am ready.

Back then, I have always not looked forward to September because shit always went bad like really bad every year, more towards my birthday date. One thing is that my birthday is on the 24th of September, in most cases, it will be a holiday. Here in Brunei Darussalam, teachers days falls on the 23rd of September hence, the public holiday will move to 24th. I took that day so seriously which I ended up disappointed due to certain things happening around. Expectations.

To the most important man that changed my life, which he said: “Don’t think of it that way, it’s because you expect September to be bad and things around you will be too, just smile”. I’m sure today he forgot that he ever told me that, but I remember it clearly. Hence, HEYYY SEPTEMBER! (Yumie that was two months ago).IMG_8181

I started to do Bullet Journal again, I have discovered my love to Froot Loops which again thanks to Farid, we went for a spontaneous date on the 8th of September which turns out to be really great! Also, I love Nestum Oats. We ate a lot of new food! I bought myself a new phone case which arrives earlier than expected.

And the day went so fast..
24th September 2018,
As the clock strikes 12, he sang a birthday song to me. Both in Malay and English, which makes me so happy, and followed by a long ass birthday text from him.IMG_8284

In the morning, I was surprised by a fruitcake, and I think a mouse mini chocolate cake. Thanks to my parents and siblings for WAY TOO EARLY morning surprises. Had a Tom Yam for brunch big thank you to my mom, since it is one of my favorites!


Fast forward to dinner, where Farid came to my house to pick me up, as he surprised me with a boutique of flowers both black and purple colored, which I LOVE SO MUCH! and also three ballons, that again I LOVE IT! He gave me gifts, that I am so in love with the color of my new favorite stripe long-sleeve shirt.

Processed with VSCO with e1 presetWe went to Balcony Cafe, carrying my balloons because he told me so, along the way it was kind of embarrassing that people started to sing Happy Birthday as soon as they see the ballon. I ordered my favorite of course SALMON pasta, he had his favorite which is Burger something I forgot what it is, also pizza. By the end of the meal, another birthday song was on, and I thought that it’s someone else’s birthday too and surprisingly a chocolate cake coming to our seat and it was another gift from him! Can today be any better!


25th September, as usual, I came to class all done and moving to the Office at EV, weirdly to meet some of my batch Aug 2017 Incubation around as I thought that they want to meet their friends or to meet up with Q. Another surprise late afternoon from my friends IMG_8385at EV with pizzas and chocolate! That was unexpected but it felt so wonderful to meet them again! Received a gift from my three closest hooman at EV, thank you so much for the headphone! And more surprise again by Q and Farid with another pizza.


26th September, I have an early morning class, as by the end of it Sir Adna said Happy Belated Birthday to me, and started to sing with the whole class. Damn it was embarrassing and funny at the same time! In class, I received another gift from Mira and Li Ting, thank you so much!

That’s the summary of my birthday week, it so awesome! again thank you so much for everything and I believe that this stage of life, more fun adventure, and wonderful experience to face. I am thankful for my surroundings and I really appreciate it.



My September is great, I can’t thank the love of my life, Farid, for such astonishing surprises and gifts, my family as well and Q and Sir Adna for the late surprises too, to my friends from Incubation batch Aug17 as well as the others.

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