Days In My Life

It’s Q’s Day

Someone turns 16 already! (not). A Happy belated birthday to the most amazing human being that makes me go UWU!

We have planned this kind of surprise event with our friends from Incubation Aug 17 and Incubation Jan 18. But before that, we have planned with the NEA of going out for lunch at a Korean restaurant. Tteokbokki is one of the food that started my venture to Korean food, I mean I am more into Japanese food, Korean is not bad at all.

Also, kimchi jjigae! One of my favorite Youtuber really loves Kimchi jjigae, and I was so curious about how does it taste like! I can say that it takes the first spot from Tteokbokki, for sure kimchi jjigae is the new favorite here. 

Afterward, we stopped by the Korean Market, with more surprises awaits for her at the Office. With a total of 3 cakes! 

Again, I apologize for the late post! Her birthday was on August, and now its November!

Happy birthday to the most happy-go-lucky and protective friend of mine! All the best for your working journey, and may Allah bless you and grant your wishes, be happy and free!


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