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My Firsts


Halo there! What was the first thing that comes up in your mind? HMMMMM?

Straightforward to say that I saw Amber Liu’s video on “My Firsts“, so I was like HHMMMMMMM. Wrong. Basically, this post is inspired by the video so here goes!

1. First Plane Ride You ever went on?

Either Jakarta or Malaysia when I was less than 7 years old. I remember nothing except for the Airports.

2. First time I got into trouble at school?

I was bullied by one of my classmates when I was at kindergarten and tried to stand up for myself by slapping the boy with my towel and he cried, then my teacher was so mad at me.

3. My First Car.

Dark blue colored Honda Accord, kind of. My mom said that the ‘Official’ first car is Hyundai i20.

4. My first cooking experience

As an Asia or as a girl, in general, you need to know how to cook at least. My first cooking experience was, trying to crack an egg, instead of into a bowl, I accidentally I don’t know how it goes to all of my body. Failed and my mom was so mad at me.

5. My first swear word?

Hmm, I said “Sumpah” in Malay at the mic of my father’s restaurant and my mom (again) was so mad at me and my brother. Sumpah means “CURSES” in English, as we got influenced by my cousins. hm, not a good one.

6. The first thing I do every morning?

I will send a good morning text to my boyfriend.

7. My first Language?

I’m from Brunei Darussalam, my first language is Malay. Although I use a lot of English language or a mix of both as I reached 19 years old.

8. My first pet

Cat! Of course! I had a lot hence I forgot his/her name.

9. The first book I remember reading?

My mom said I tried to read an Expedia of Human Body and science when I was younger.

10. My first sports activity?

Badminton, I think. Since my dad was so into Badminton and he taught my siblings and me how to play one. I like to DEFEAT my classmate like HIYYAAH! Okay, that was too much, but I was good at and stopped when I have to focus on my studies of O’level and never do sports anymore.

11. My first (actual room)

It is now, my sister’s room. It was a dark pink with a purple colored wall, customized furniture design by my dad. Did I miss my first room? Nay, loving the current one.

12. My first job 

I have never had any part-time job, as much as I want to. So I have my own business, kind of supporting the financial factor.

13. First Movie 

My first movie, like an actual going out to a movie theather, was when I was in Lower Six Form, which was 6 years ago. Green Hornet with my family, it was okay.

14. The First luxury item I bought 

Well, accidentally. My dad told me that he would pay for the BONIA Purse, I was not really interested in one, but I do need a proper wallet. Goes to the cashier and I have to pay it with my money and my dad left me HAHAHA. DAMN IT, DAD! This same goes to my brother, we were tricked. It was a three digit wallet, I died inside. It was almost a decade ago.

15. The First game 

I’m sure it was a pink Nintendo console, the game was Zelda.

Hmm, probably that’s it! If you are interested to join the game on My Firsts, don’t forget to tag me! Have fun!



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