Days In My Life

It’s Bear!

The one and only siamese in the house Bear, his full name is Robearto and he is one year old. Well actually he’s the second Siamese in the house but I have to let go of his brother and sister since I can’t take care of them all. He is currently 3.8kg, the second fattest furball amongst all. I was actually surprised to know that Mia (Black cat) gave birth to Siamese for the second time now. 

He sniffs a lot of things and likes to take my mom’s bread. My mom is really not that fond of him.

He loves to disturb me when I’m studying, by giving me his paws. I CANT WITH PAWS IS MY WEAKNESSES. So he basically wants me to feed him more snacks, and find ways to jump on my study table. 

Growing up he’s really close to Garfield, hence up to today, he will always be at Garfield’s side, walking together, sleeping together until to the point Garfield was so annoyed he slap Bear on the face. 

I mean look at this fluffy mf, he was afraid of the balloons by the way.

Although the annoying part would be when he meows. It does not sound like a meow more like an MAUU MAUWWUWUWUW UUUUUU. Confused if he’s a cat or a cow. 

I brought him once for a car ride, and he was okay! He does not like to take a shower, and it is really hard to do so due to his fluffiness. Took me forever to clean him up. 

Remembering how tiny he was, he used to be so close to be and sleep with me. I mean all kittens will always sleep with me every night until grow up and become the rebellious teenage cat!



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