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Her White Day

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An advance birthday celebration, 29th November 2018.


This is the second time I went for a Hi-Tea at The Empire Hotel. The first one was during the 3rd Anniversary of NEA, which again I forgot to post here!


My favorite would be anything related to Salmon! The food was good and it was amazing to meet my friends after the exam and we will not see one another until January next year.

IMG_9839Toast to a new Chapter for Iqmal, Happy birthday!

Honestly, I am quite bad with socializing with the female still but it was fun to talk with them mostly Ruby, as weirdly our joke matches, we see things that are funny to us leads us to hardly stop laughing.  I tried to make everyone to talk one another by creating silly games. Where from here, we get to know more about each other a little. 

Afterward, we went outside to take a few photos, but it was considered late and the sun is going down way too fast today but we managed to have a short photo session? 

As for this photo, I accidentally dropped Iqmal’s camera, my HEART DROPS LIKE HEEL FAK NO SHET! I placed the camera on a not so stable placement, but glad to know that it’s okay and the photos turn out well!

Lastly, Happy Birthday Iqmal. I know that I am not really that close or know you well enough within the years, but I am glad to see that you have grown so much and shows how independent you are. And guys, I can’t stop telling you that she looks a lot younger than her age, that the first time I met her I thought that she was my junior.

May Allah Bless you with your family members, friends, and cats. Stay awesome!

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