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#GYLT Challenge Series

Blog titleLet’s do the Get Your Life Together Challenge which is inspired by Lavendaire one of my favorite Youtuber! In which these challenges consist of 8 series namely as below:

Week 1: Sleep

Week 2: Habits

Week 3: Home

Week 4: Digital

Week 5: Health

Week 6: Clothes & personal items

week 7: Work or productivity

week 8: relationship

The fact that what happened last week, was really bad that makes me feel unworthy, and I don’t know my self any more, I really feel useless for a week and that’s not great. I mean damn! it has been a while for not feeling this way, but for a week? I need to stop and Get My Life Together! Hence, I am joining this challenge to benefit myself, and to you too if you are interested! I am currently in my semester break, which an ideal time to learn and explore more of what the internet can offer!

I will update more of my progress through my blog and also my Instagram story. I don’t think that I have the time to do a vlog on that despite how much I love editing videos. Wish me luck and good luck to you too if you are joining!

Do not forget to use the tag #GYLT

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