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One Room with 8 cats

Hello everyone! I have been a while that I write about my cats, but to finalize I can only keep 4, and have to let go the other 4 kittens because I can’t take good care of them in the future, also they will be staying in my room instead of the hallway in the house. A household problem, ugh I don’t want to think about it.

Hence, this will be the post that shows the struggles during this process. Where my dad decided to move all the cats to the downstairs bathroom which was really hot in the afternoon due to the direct heat from the sun, staying there for not even close for 10 minutes I can hardly breathe, and for sure when people decided to open the door they will run towards the back door, plus I don’t think its hygienic to smell cat litters around the kitchen and the dining area. Moving the cats without me knowing and not considering the environment for the cats?

I ended up getting into an argument with my dad. sigh.

6th December,

Here it is, all my 8 furballs are now living in my room, as it is not really that huge but quite comfortable compared to the bathroom. I have 3 litter box, 2 in the room and another one in the bathroom, 8 bowls for cat food, one bag of cat litter that I hide in one of my cabinets and two boxes of cat food, also a fountain cat drinking filter.

The first night was really rough, Garfield was so mad at the other cats when he was placed at the bathroom, and he did not get along with me and Farid. I have to play with him until he recognizes the smell of the room which now he is fine. Bear hardly get any sleep as he keeps on meowing non-stop which wakes me up at 3 AM and 5AM. Some of my kittens tried to drop little things in my room. Since my room is quite small, I need to clean the litter every time they poo or pee to avoid any odor.

7th December,

I feed the cats at 11 AM before brunch and clean their litters, swipe the floor. In the afternoon I tried to rearrange my room to fit the litter box, space for them to sleep, I gave three of my tiny pillows so they can sleep on it, even gave some space on my bed for Ling to sleep too. I mad a DIY odor repellent (kind of) and my room smell floral-ly and minimize the smell of the litter. I think that I can do this, I will take good care of them.

8th December,

bear woke me up again at 4, which means that I have to feed them and clean their litters. Trying to fall asleep but bear keeps on looking at me right by my side. It’s so weird, so I didn’t get to go back to sleep, but eventually, I fall asleep accidentally.

9th December,

Garfield woke me up by dropping the cat bowl to the floor because he’s hungry. Feed him and all the cats at 5 in the morning. He’s such a demanding cat that he wants me to open the window up for “fresh air” which I did anyway. In the afternoon, I let them play in the hallway since my room is quite small and they need some space to play or just sleep, most of them will just sleep.

At night, I am not so sure why that Garfield was too active and he jumps around the room like CRAZY! Farid said that he must be happy that he reacts that way.

10th December,

Garfield woke me up again, by pulling my blanket away. I have to feed them again and clean the litter. feeding them means that I really need to watch Nala if she eats well and not running away to get the chance to bite off her leg again. However, on that day I went out to meet Farid until 6PM because we have short meetings outside.  I was kind of worried that if one of my cats will jump off the window since Ling did once jump out of the window. Went back home it was okay!

I played with my cats until they are tired, feed them and clean the litter box and relax for the whole night.

11th December,

Today, I woke up at 6:10 AM, a bit late than usual, thank god! Garfield keeps on bugging me by pulling off my blanket and Bear was just there sleeping next to me. I guess that Garfield is becoming more hungrier ever since he’s staying in my room or I just notice that he eats a lot compared to his other siblings.

At night, after I am done with running errands, I smell cat pee in my room. FIRST THING I CHECK WOULD BE MY BED! and its safe! Check around and I saw Nala’s legs were all wet, I assume that she had a not so good dream leads to her seizure and pee on the floor. I have to clean the whole floor and bath her afterward.

I’m getting to notice that Ling finally gain weight! She was too skinny that you can see her bones.

12th December,

I am sure that Garfield is my alarm now. As usual, feed them, watching Nala while she eats, clean the floor and litter box and went back to sleep. In the afternoon I let them go out of the room and to have more space in the hallway. Expectation (them to play around) Reality (Sleeps anyway).

13th December, 

Feed the cats with chicken meat, and I think that I feed them too much meat ever since they’re living in my room I mean within a week. They gained weight, they being too playful and I am glad that they’re living with me instead of the hallway.

The struggles

  1. They like to drop all of the things on my table, mainly Garfield whenever I’m asleep or not giving him the attention.
  2. Mini Fights, Ling the eldest cat does not like Garfield as much. Since Garfield likes to play around roughly, Ling tends to hiss and slap him on the face whenever Garfield tried to get close to her or play with her.
  3. Hard to work on my study desk. Whenever I tried to watch Youtube or write my blog, my cats almost all of my cats like to walk on the laptop or just sit on it and shows their butt on my face. Basically, all of them will gather as if they’re summoning satan on my table.
  4. Nala’s businesses. I haven’t posted anything about Nala yet here in the blog, long story short she has a seizure which sometimes causes her to forced pee or poo. Hence whenever that happened I have to clean the whole area.

In summary, in a week I have gotten used to being awake by cat paws on my stomach as an alarm, tiny litters on the floor that I have to sweep off and clean, both cute and weird actions by my cats, should I mention their businesses? I have three litter box which weirdly my cats divided it into a pee box for the kitten, poo box for all and pee box for the adult cats, such a picky or smart cats?

I’m glad that despite what happened, I get to spend more time with my cats in one room. Although early of the week Bear peed on my bed, probably because he’s hardly been to my room this long and decided to mark his place. I have to clean up his mess for 3 days straight, and how he’s okay! I rather not to give up my cats because they are the closest thing I have in this household (Farid is the first on the list) compared to my siblings and parents. FYI, Farid is the best human being )  to support me on this because he truly understands.

I will do my best again, to take good care of them and let’s just hope that I can survive this next year!



3 thoughts on “One Room with 8 cats

  1. Omg!! I would have thought this would be a fairy tale but having to keep them in ur room all day is pretty much a mess lol

    Your cats are all so pretty tho!! I want to see more lol 😁


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