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Back To School Essentials!

Hey! I am three weeks late into this but I need to update on my Back To School Essentials as a 4th University Student edition!

☾Journal Book ☾

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I bought a customize Journal from my cousin, which I really love the Y letter and Faux Leather cover! I have finally invested in a great journal for 2019, can’t wait to share my spreads!

☾ MildLiner ☾

46FB2BE1-BA8B-44FA-9DB9-DF8F72E0CCC5 2.JPG

I mean its Mildliner, the best highlighter ever, which I have been using for the past two years and was able to covert my boyfriend into using one too! I bought a lot of Yellow colored ones.

☾ Muji Pens ☾

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I know it seems this pen has been all over the place! It’s kind of pricey BND $2.50 each and I tend to finish up 1 pen per month. Yes, I write a lot of notes.

☾ Backpack ☾

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Its kind of a mistake bag, I ordered a wrong color for my customer (yes I do have my own business EHE) and decided to take it for myself. No worries I ordered the right color for her after informing an honest mistake. Kind of like a Kraken backpack but cheaper version hahaha, I am too broke for that and I am going to be using it for the 4th year, worth the money still.

☾ Notebooks

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It’s a dotted book, and I tried to add up a personal cover to motivate me more into studying, hence the designs!

☾ Bottle ☾

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A couple matchy bottle bought one for my boyfriend and this one for myself. At least it encourages me to drink more water!

☾ Pens ☾


Well not actually a pen, more like a calligraphy pen? Ugh, I hate the fact that it sold out so quickly but I managed to grab these two babies!

☾ Laptop ☾

3184ACE8-80E7-42BB-B0F7-6DCC866E997A 2.JPG

The most important one for a university student! Laptop to download all of those articles and assignments! With Marzia’s Stickers.


All the best for those who are still in school, and this semester is my last semester as a degree student, god time flies way too fast! 4 years and I am done.

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