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#GYLT Habits & Self Care Challenge

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I struggle with being consistent. Hence I really hope that I can get this thing right!

Habit and Self Care Challenge

Morning pages

exercise/ yoga

Drink 2 bottles of water



Throughout the week it was good! I managed to do almost all of what I want to improve in terms of my habits. I realized that I have to look at my phone gallery to check on what did I do on certain days for my morning pages, damn I have a short-term memory. I hardly do yoga, hence I changed it to dancing around my room, I consider that as an exercise. Most importantly I am happy that I am back with drinking more water during the holiday, I read books at night more than 10 pages before I go to sleep and lastly, meditate helps me to clear up my mind in the morning.

The sum up the week, I have made a short vlog of it! Hope that you will like it and see you for the next challenge!



One thought on “#GYLT Habits & Self Care Challenge

  1. My daily little self care ritual is sooo similar! I’m trying to read about a chapter every morning/evening of a book, exercising for 30 min at least daily, and trying to finish 8 oz of water every hour! We can do this!


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