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Jan Bujo Set Up | 2019

It’s 2019, posting this blog on a February. What a great start! But again better late than never. I promised to myself to do a complete 365 day 12 months full on one-year bullet journal! I usually ended up being a half-ass bullet journal, the longest would be six months, yikes it is. Hence from my previous post, I invested in a good book to motivate me into pursuing this bullet journal journey! Let’s just get started with my January Bullet Journal 2019. (note that there was 3 inspiration from this).


Starting off with a Hello 2019! 


I want to open up my book and seeing something that motivates me into Bullet Journal. Took me an hour to make the first page. I do enjoy taking my time into drawing details.

Me now vs. Future Me


I wanted to try the “Me now vs Future Me” sort of wanting to know if it can really affect me in such a way. This part is inspired by Lavendaire.

2019, 12 months


This format, I am sure that everyone has seen this. Is a simple Pink, Yellow and Blue format for the calendar. Honestly, I only use this section for checking the day of the month, yet still looking good!

My wishlist 


This part makes me motivated to work better in order to achieve what I want, specifically what I want to buy. I accomplished one out of one. hahaha sorry, I don’t have many things to buy since I don’t really need much at the moment. Or mainly because I want to save up money for my future needs.

Hey January 

IMG_1727Okay, finally the January spreadsheet! I was planning on a black and white theme but I can’t resist coloring some part of it. Kind of happy and kind of eh.

Expenses Tracker


I am not quite sure why but I spend quite a lot in January. I mean a lot a lot than I usually do. That anime character pretty much shows how I feel on what I have spent my money on. yEp.

Sleep Tracker/Log 


Is it necessary? Kind of, it’s clear to see that do I have enough sleep on the first month of my final year.

Weekly Spread


Oh oh-oh ohhhh, my weekly spread. This style is new to me, I do like it a lot that I might use it again for other months.


Yep, that’s my January Bullet Journal Set up, hope that you guys like it! Leave a comment if you do and also do not forget to click that like button to inspire me to post more here, hahaha bubye!


3 thoughts on “Jan Bujo Set Up | 2019

  1. So well put together 🙀 it’s spectacular! I have a planner that may someday blossom into a beautiful bullet journal, but not as nice as yours haha


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