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My thoughts

Hey guys! I have been slacking off on this website or blog just because I am so focused on getting that dollar dollar bill before I graduate in a few months. (yay or yikes!)

I’m not quite sure on how to make this blog alive again, but I know part of me really wants to blog but another part of me wants me to focus more on being an adult? Realizing that I need to have the time for myself as well, like photography, playing games, blogging, creating art and so on. I have been spending myself too much on making and saving money as well as studying and assignments. Looking through my gallery I feel so weird and I don’t feel so good (get it get it? you know from the movie), it is because things are not as it used to. I would be taking random photos of food, views, my cats and now it would be on products and screenshots of university work notification. It worries me because my boyfriend said it’s (my gallery) more into business.

I am here sitting on my bed, 1:36 AM with my night lamp by my side, I feel empty. I do way too many things just because time is running out, results to catch up and if I do rest my brain keeps on remembering the script that I will be presenting next week and theories between Peter and Nonaka (yup that’s too much alright). So much going on for the past two months that I am not even sure what to write, which pictures should I use (but I don’t take pictures as much as I do), I hardly update anything on my personal Instagram account. Even my boyfriend asked me to post something because my Instagram represents my blog, which both I hardly even manage.

Honestly, I have been staying in my room a lot more than I used, it’s not a good thing either. I really want to cry my heart out because I am losing my own identity and being that robot person that needs to do things on repeat. Everything is everywhere now but I promise after this post I will make it clear. Thank you for your time reading this post and still staying (I guess). I will post on things to catch up


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