Days In My Life


Hey guys! I have finally got the time for myself and taking it all in. I know that I posted how burnout I was due to last semester’s workload and personal factors. I’m a workaholic, need to admit that. Few days off right after my exam is done, made me feel uncomfortable, I’m so used to studying and working in long hours, now that I am free I feel so suffocated of the emptiness. Well, that’s deep.

In the month of Ramadhan, my schedule changes, I sleep at 6 am and wakes up at 12 pm, will do work up until 3 am. It’s not really that healthy but I truly enjoyed working at night. Recently I opened up a new business, nothing much as it more into craft side that provides Customize Stickers and also Customizes Envelops (getting close to Eid, everyone is excited to get an envelope from their relatives), so I tried to make it different from others by adding value to it, or personalities that suit’s to the customer preference. It’s a bit hard because I’m doing this business on my own with moral support from my boyfriend of course but the workload goes to me manually cutting the stickers and envelops. I don’t have the machine to cut the stickers for me, and I know that its waisting time to do it manually but, I enjoyed the process.

Another thing that I want to mention is that I will be graduating in September 2019, I am done with University but still waiting for the Graduation day which is in a couple of months. I haven’t look at my final result yet, my boyfriend did – I don’t feel like I want to know yet. Simply want to enjoy the time to myself – working. Does this count as self-employed? (probably)

I started to posts photos on my Instagram account, I have been dead for quite some times now, that includes this blog, and my boyfriend asked me to post something because I used to love blogging and he mentioned that it is part of who I am. Damn, hahaha. Looking forward to posting more here, as I am trying not to be too strict on the topics I wanted to post. Okay, there is so much going on and I can’t wait to share with you guys! stay tune!

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