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A Month before Graduation

Yikes not sure if I’m excited for that. I’m the type of person who will get excited about something with a delay of 3-7 working days after the event. Despite all that Alhamdulilah I am finally graduating soon. What am I going to do before that you ask? (I know that you did not ask anything but just assume that you do)


What to do before graduation
  1. Gown payment ( just have to rent instead of purchasing the gown. Damn it’s so pricy to buy, hence renting will cost me BND $80.00)
  2. Have to attend I don’t know how many times of practice to walk yknow the graduation ceremony
  3. Practice on eye make up because ya girl does not want to waste money on make-up artist
  4. My mom already bought me the clothes for my graduation
  5. Update my Curriculum Vitae or CV as short (I haven’t updated mine since two years ago)
  6. Probably prepare gifts for my lecture that really teaches well (lol)
  7. Might have a photoshoot with my boyfriend
  8. Not planning to get a job anytime soon


Hopefully, I won’t fall into post-graduation crisis. What did you guys do before graduation?



4 thoughts on “A Month before Graduation

  1. I remember not doing any of this because i stopped attending my ceremonies. I dont like attention and i dont want my family to worry about having to attend something to support me lol luckily they know how i feel so the only ceremony i ever went to was the one before entering high school. It was a nice one, but never again!
    Too much to think about hehe


  2. I remember my graduation day (the second time around) and I was a complete arse all day because nothing would go right. My hair, looked a state. My make up, looked a state. My dress, made me look fat. Upon reflection though, it was a really good day!

    Don’t be like me 😂😂😂 enjoy your day! ❤️


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