Days In My Life

They changed

Here I thought that only people could change, change in terms of their appearance, their preference, and their personality. After a month of pre-graduation, I spent most of my time at home in my room with my cats, another time I would go out with my boyfriend.

In the time span of a month, I started to realized that my cats’ changes, in terms of their interest, personality and also their appearance. The most obvious change is Garfield. He’s the most annoying cat that I have ever have; he likes to drop whatever things on my desk, he will meow as loud as he wants to get the attention, he would slap any cats, he does not want to be held or touch for too long. The kind of cat that wants your attention but not too much not too little.

Since now that I’m physically at home, I have given him way too many attention other than his siblings. Here I can see clear changes; He understands when I called him, he wanted to be pet, he knows his boundary when I’m working, he only meows when he wants to eat or play, and recently he started to sleep on the bed. Ah, also he’s being such a baby.


This made me realized that, despite how much I love all of my cats. there’s a huge difference if you actually invest your time understanding and giving the full attention to your pet. They are not just pet, where you just need to prepare food, drinks, clean their litter, pet them and the cycle repeats. Despite that I know that my cats have different personalities, I have been neglecting them when I was busy studying although we live in the same room.


I’m glad to know that all of my cats are overly happy that I’m spending most of my time more with them compared to with my siblings (HAHAHA) and they gained weight and becoming more fluffy than ever.

Do you know that your cats have their own personalities? Their different meows? I used to have more than 7 black cats that only I can differentiate each one of them which my mom questions me “HOW”. Oh, I also know who’s pee or shit in the litter, hm is that weird? probably.


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