Days In My Life

Weekly Vlogs?

Yes yes, you read that right, weekly vlog despite how dead my blog is but I really do enjoy taking videos and editing although the program I used tends to crash every once in a while but hey! Yes, weekly vlog!

As you may not know I am currently almost going to graduate in a few weeks, probably not going to do any part-time jobs since I have to focus on my businesses. Hence why I want to document and have fun with my camera by doing a weekly vlog. Also, I just want to be productive and I really don’t want my creative juice to dry up since I’m not going to do any academic-related.

I mainly upload the vlog on my IGTV, but I wanted to share with the blogging community as well I have to upload it on Youtube because I’m not that rich to buy WordPress packages on the ability to upload videos here.

Hope that you enjoy the vlogs!


A week of wondering if weekly vlog will go well.

I probably ate too much but it’s fine to have a good time with friends! (Yes friends, apparently I do have friends – mom if you are reading this you should be proud)




Do you know that it’s easier than you expected to meet your cousins in one place?

Hope that you enjoy the vlog, I usually post the video on my Instagram instead of youtube, but for the sake of sharing in my blog why not.

If you like it please do like, comment and subscribe (is that what they say in all the vlogs – probably is)


Thank you and read ya (get it because we can’t really see each other – we’re more like reading our lives on the internet – yknow ever mind) next week!

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