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It’s fine to gain weight



Well hello there, based on the title – yes I have gained weight – specifically 13 kg. Okay since most of you are not familiar with Kilogram let me convert it to pounds. I gained 28.7 pounds. Damn, that sounds heavier than kilogram.

S T O R Y   T I M E

In a Malay community or probably just my Family, the beauty standard is to be the thin as fuck, but not too thin. Me growing up I have been a very tiny girl, as at the age of 18 my weight was 40kg (99 pounds) and my height was around 151 cm (4.9ft). Looking back to my photos I was not really that healthy at all – up until I’m in my 20s my weight was at 45kg, my height probably increases a bit by few centimeters. I ate a lot, I hardly do any workout to maintain the weight yet in every family events, my relatives would assume that I’m on diet because I ate so little (they didn’t know it was my second plate), if my face looks a bit chubbier they will ask why am I fat. Back then I was so confused that why does it really matter for them to ask why I was so thin or a bit “fat”. That’s the only topic that acts as a starter for them.

One time, my aunt asked me about my weight, told her I was 45kg and she stated that she’s “lighter” and she’s really happy about it, told me that I’m heavy. What’s in my head was “probably because you don’t have parts that I do” and of course I won’t say that, or else I’ll be “disrespectful” and damaged my family’s name. I don’t know man, it’s a Malay thing.


I  A M  H A P P Y

As for today, I’m a healthy cat-potato weight 52kg (114.6 pounds), have the chubbs on my cheeks and other parts. I ate twice the usual (why am I so proud of that) mainly thanks to my boyfriend for taking care of my health. I was underweight for years, and now it’s normal! It is totally fine to gain weight for your health, despite people will ask stupid questions that make me want to not reply to them kindly – but they don’t really care on the health part only the appearance section.


Does anyone always question your weight? How do you deal with it? Or nah just fuck them all.

One thought on “It’s fine to gain weight

  1. When I’m at the house and scrolling and watching style videos, I always thought I can pull that off! But whenever I’m up to a buy a new pants, that’s where I’m confronted that I don’t have the weight that I had before. 😦 I feel you!


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