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Post-Graduation Crisis


Found this term from Nina and tried to find the definition but the closest I can find that explains my current situation quoted from McGill University, Alexandrine Royer that includes the statement of:

  • Questions by friends and family
  • The sense of not ready for the next step
  • Anxiety

Does it happen before graduation? Absolutely yes, for me. I was not worried as much that I’m taking a year off, mainly because I want to focus what I wanted to do and, take a break from studying, which I will continue on next year with Master at Universiti Brunei Darussalam, insyaAllah. Where I thought that it will be fine since I was financially well planned until numbers of things came up and have to say goodbye to my bank account. (Cries in Malay)

Why do I worried financially when I’m still living with my parents you may not ask the question but just go with it?

  • I have 5 babies to feed (by babies I mean my furballs obviously)
  • I do pay my own bills
  • Other expenses

and yes I don’t have pocket money from my parents so basically I have to literally work for my own money just by staying in my room because a part-time job does not apply with my dad.

The bonus questions

  • Are you going to work with the government or at the office?

I do not know that yet, according to the number of unemployment if you are waiting for that placement it might take years or decades but I prefer to do something with the term entrepreneurship or creativity that might be fine for me, but not as fine to my other relatives’ opinions.

  • When are you going to get married?

When are you going to sponsor the wedding?

  • What are you going to do in a year?

Just focus on my business, and mind your own business too.

  • Why didn’t you register and take the Master before graduation?

I don’t know man, did you take yours tho.

You can actually tell the difference between people who sincerely ask question compare to wanting to know that you ain’t shit after graduation. yep. 

I’m being salty af at this point, SORRY (not)


With all of the questions on where do you want to go, how much salary are you targeting for your work, why don’t you do this blah blah blah. I do think about it, but I am kind of lost here. I spend weeks with the label of unemployed on my forehead, the thoughts on how I’m not enough, my efforts are not as much as it used to when I was busy with studies. It really stresses me out thinking of the fear of my own thoughts.

I watched a lot of youtube of crafts and vlog just to cheer me up until I stomp upon one video with the title of “Day in my life as a self-employed”,

. . .


Sometimes thoughts can just be messed up who you are and just some random videos on youtube made you realized you are that person and it FIRES THINGS UP that it motivates me.

My boyfriend and my closest friends already give me the hints or just simply said it to my face that I’m self-employed, yet I was a dumbass denial. You know, those self-doubts moments.

I had downtime for a whole month with the “post-grads crisis”, and I think that I’ll be cool, I’ll be fine in a year before taking the next step. It’s COOL.


. . .

How was your post-graduation? Was it okay, or did you get a job right after (if you do CONGRATS YO MADE IT BOI), if now what was your plan?


One thought on “Post-Graduation Crisis

  1. Self-employed is really cool you know, you are your own boss and you are your own employer too 😂 So, anything happens and if the needs to blame a person, there will be no victim except for us–the boss and the employer.

    I know doing a business isn’t easy but looking at you, I believe you enjoy your job so much because I’ve seen your Instastories and that give me a though ‘Well damn, if I am this creative I will do the same too’ and somehow, you motivated me to start my own business–but not now, maybe sooner? When I get to sort things out 😂 and it really needs to align with my hobbies so I get to enjoy things while working hehe.

    Good luck in everything! I pray for you to always be success and have an ease mind. (May Garfield comes back soon too, 😊)


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