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24 on the 24th

It’s my birthday, or to be exact a few days ago was my birthday. I used to have the mindset of, September is not a good month for me, because I believe that something bad will always happen to me. Ever since I meet my boyfriend, he said that I need to stop saying those kinds of this, there is no point in believing such a thing. So I stopped, well it took me almost a year after I’m with him that I finally change my mind. September is my month, and I have to believe good things will come.

High school made me believe that the more people remember your birthday the more relevant you are within the group or the school, think of the ways back then, it’s so messed up. In addition to that, my birthday will always be a public holiday, hence the expectation of my friends to surprise me on a school day is a hard no. Why does my birthday be on a public holiday you may ask? 23rd of September is a teacher’s day in Brunei Darussalam that tends to fall on Fridays or Sundays of September. Therefore on the 24th will be a public holiday to replace the weekend that falls under Teachers Day.

I used to envy people who get to celebrate their birthdays with their friends. On my 23rd probably the first birthday that my friends celebrated with a lot of surprises. Mostly embarrassed, memorable yet I am thankful for them. Now that I’m 24, and had the most relax and enjoyable birthday ever with my boyfriend.

🌸 24th of September 2019🌸


Well actually on the 23rd night time, that my boyfriend came over to surprise me with a chocolate birthday cake! I literally surprised coming out of my bedroom, seeing my brother and my boyfriend. He also gave me the first gift of ombre gold to a turquoise-colored tumbler with a metal straw, I love it a lot to know that we have a matching tumbler!

We went out to and had dinner at Babu’s Kitchen, and went home. As the clock strikes at 12 am, he sings me birthday song through FaceTime, I like it when he does that every year. He told me to find my other gifts somewhere in my room. When I found it, it was a tiny backpack and a sweatpant. First of all, I’m a backpack type of girl, and my current backpack is dying due to the scratching patterns made by my cats. Second, I enjoy sweatpants as my PJs!


In the afternoon, I do the Love Language to myself, basically doing something that I have been wanting to do that enjoys me.

  1. Take a shower (while listening to Feel Special by Twice)
  2. Apply Face Mask and Skin Care Routine
  3. Petting my cats
  4. Editing more pending vlogs


I was a bit late, my boyfriend was waiting downstairs and the moment I open the door, he was hiding at the side and gave me a boutique of lilies. I was really shocked to see him with the flowers. I LOVE IT! It’s so cute and it’s my first lilies. We went to One City, walk around window shopping while waiting for 5:30 pm since our movie will be at that time. I didn’t know what movie he was planning to watch, and it was “Dendam Pontianak” a ghost movie, I hate ghost movies because I’m a scaredy-cat for that department. But, surprisingly the movie was good, I cried in a good way. You guys should watch it, although its in Malay, they do provide Subtitles.IMG_8978

Afterward, we went to Sarang Korea Restaurant, our favorite! We ordered the usual, took photos together, also the food. Back home, my family surprises me with fruit tart cake, it was predictable hahaha. Overall, I truly enjoy my birthday and I can’t thank my boyfriend enough for the surprises and the gift, I love every single thing and moment of the day!


Here’s a vlog on what happens on the 24th of September 2019. I hope that you enjoy the vlog and this blog!

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