Days In My Life

My Cat Bit Me

I guess its a can be called a “Be careful what you wish for!”. Last Sunday I was planning to have a week off from doing any work, well my wish came through with injuries.


It’s 4 in the afternoon when I tried to open up Nala’s cone, that not sure what way it triggers Nala to glitch (not sure what it’s called sort of like a nerve system reaction) that tend to cause her to bite off her own leg. At that time I was trying to prevent her from bitting her own leg, in which I react covering her leg with my arm. Well, that happened, she bit me non-stop that it hurts so bad until she let it go. For that moment I was shocked to see red color flowing down from my arm and yo it’s my blood. It looks like a waterfall, so I search for my phone to call my boyfriend and cover the open wounds with paper tissues.

My floor is literally covered with blood, my blood! I’ve never seen this much blood other than my period! My body was shaking, my arm was in so much pain. My boyfriend was on his way, and while waiting I phoned my sister ” I’M DYING!!” I screamed. She rushed into my room, “Holy shit” as soon as she sees the amount of blood on the floor. She took the first aid, I clean the wounds with alcohol and it’s so damn painful. Bandage the whole thing to cover the wounds, as my sister clean the floor that looks like a crime scene.

At night, I can’t sleep and it’s almost 3 in the morning. I texted my boyfriend and told him that the wounds are burning, again he rushed and pick me up from home, went to the hospital to be treated. It wasn’t long after the registration that my name was called. The nurse asked me what happened and I explained, he checked my blood pressure and stuff then move to another room to meet the doctor to receive the treatment. They cleaned the wounds, gave me an injection to prevent the infection. Damn, when was the last time I got an injection, the pain is still the same! They bandage my arm properly, went to the pharmacy section to pick up my meds and cream.

The meds were:

  1. Cavumox
  2. Paracetamol + Orphenadrine

I was told to go to the nearest clinic to have my cleaning session on Wednesday. Which was PAINFUL! The nurses have to squeeze the cysts inside my arm and use a needle to force the cysts to get the hell out of my arm. If you watch pimple popper that’s basically how it looks like. I almost sing Chandelier to distract my self from the pain, and I think that they gave me the numbing cream before the needle process thingy, although I still feel the pressure when they squeeze my arm.

Sweating and wanting to puke that I cough so much, I think that’s my limit of holding on to dear pain.

So yeah that’s my experience of ‘My Cat Bit Me” and I can’t handle the pain at all.

Please do visit the nearest clinic or hospital to be treated, a cat’s bite can be dangerous and causes infection. Clean the wounds as soon as possible by using alcohol and put pressure on the wounds. I hope it helps this information helps!

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