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First Planner Market

I am a homebody.

Two years ago, I used to go to the Planner Market with my boyfriend, where I tried my best not to spend more than $20 on things that I may or may not need. A few months ago I got a message from the organizer of Planner Market (A company that organizes events for a planner lover or stationary love or bullet journal lover, you get the point here). I was surprised and excited also afraid to join. That’s a mixed feeling, so I asked my boyfriend if I should join, which his response was “You should”, at that point I remember I “EKKKK” what’s the word for that, so basically I’m overjoyed to finally have the experience of selling things offline, meeting people . . talking . . and ah damn my anxiety just – I want to throw up.

Other than my PTSD, post-graduate depression and my fear of talking to women, I forgot that being a vendor would require me to communicate with another human being. In a month I have been taking my time making different products, overthinking if the products will sell or not, what if nobody comes to my booth, wondering if my items were too little or too much – you know stuff that’s not that a big of a deal but my brain just love to make me puke.

T-One month before the event

I asked help from my boyfriend to assist me in cutting papers for making notepads, while I stay at home printing more sticker and cut each and every one of the stickers with my little scissor. Yes, I manually cut my stickers, I do not have enough money or even the want to purchase a silhouette printer since it cost almost half a thousand Brunei dollar to begin with and with that money I can purchase other things! It was a very stressful month due to the lack of number or human power, basically 2 human beings for making products for an upcoming big event! At this point, I tend to overthink things too much and my boyfriend will always be there to keep me sane.

T-One day

We went to Peak Performance to check on the space and the location of our table, also just place our table there and run off because I felt awkward just standing there wondering how to set up the place. I watched a lot of Studio Vlog on how do people set up their tables, and I love it! not much of a set of products can be found in Brunei, hence why you really need to search for an alternative or if you have the kaching enough you can just fly off somewhere to purchase or order it online. In our case, we have to reuse my workspace set up into a display set up for our table. I did try to design the set up at home first, but having cats, they too want to help out (not). Packing everything in 2 pastel boxes, a few bags, and my mint colored trolly to carry all of the items.

T-1 hours 

Was it a hectic start, yes. We went out 1 and a half hour before the event starts, to have our breakfast that are near to Peak Performance, while eating I realized that I left one of the products at home in my drawer, I panicked and phoned my mom but she was not able to deliver the package because my family need to go to a family function and that was UGH. I looked at my boyfriend and thank god he has patience with me and understands the situation. We basically drove back to my house and pick up the package and went to Peak performance again. By the time we arrived its’ 15 minutes before the opening, and we have to set up the table as fast as possible before the customers arrived! AND WE MADE IT ON TIME!!

It’s time, and it was . . 

We wore the same outfit, denim shirt, and black pants! I think it was unintentional. Standing in front of the table, nervous, I really want to puke every minute until a customer came and I started to introduce them to the available products, there it was. They do not stop coming, both of us have to stand from 10 am to 5pm and the number of customers kept on coming! The feeling of anxiousness left my body, the pitching skill is still there and I was not afraid as much as I thought I would while talking to people. I met familiar faces, repeat customers, some of my friends and also my cousins! it was an amazing experience and my boyfriend was right!

In the end

It went well, better than I expected. I was surprised to see the outcome, and my boyfriend said that I can finally buy what I have been wanting to buy. Can you guess it? Yeah, I bought a Nintendo switch HAHAHA. Some of the money went to my cat’s expenses and paying other bills but it was great!

3 thoughts on “First Planner Market

  1. I can feel the panic of leaving something behind at home! Haha good thing you have someone with you all throughout. Congratulations! 🙂


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